Resistance: from a useful filtering device to an emotional armour

18th of July 2018


Nurayama Yoga Shala, Alghero, Sardinia - Italy

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Holistic Healing group session


Healing practices are presented in a simple and enjoyable yet in a systematic way, giving the students opportunity to:

  • enroll in a deep conversation with their body;
  • explore, question and rewrite their life script;
  • cultivate calm clarity that allows them to see through the lance of unlimited potential and interdependence – in which everything is autonomous yet deeply connected.

    Through nourishing practices aligned with the heart desire and embodied self-awareness, self-care and loving kindness as a foundation for healthy relationships and joyful life, our aim is to inspire people to discover the majestic power and true potential within.

One of the most puzzling paradoxes of the human organism is the way we resist not only life’s difficulties but also life’s potential sweetness.

S. Kempton

This week the emphasis will be on Resistance – from a healthy boundary to an emotional blockage that stops the flow and punches away life

With the energy of New Moon, we will be concentrating on releasing toxins, stagnant energy and resistance particularly from the area of hips and pelvis (where we tend to hold unprocessed emotions), mindfully planting the seeds for a new lunar cycle, welcoming abundance, prosperity and overall wellbeing.
In Eastern traditions, the moon represents the mind and feminine principle (physiologically womb space), our ability to trust, surrender and receive.

Lunar energy is related to energetical points and meridians that regulate the hormonal level and have a huge impact on our health, relationships, receptivity, creativity, self-acceptance and clarity.

We’ll be having some healing tea time, kind dialogue and farewell party with old friends and greatest teachers: fear (of the unknown), habits and/or addictions, and resistance – allowing ourselves to feel each emotion as it comes up.

On a more physical level, we’ll be focusing on cleansing and strengthing the lower abdomen, ovaries/testes, womb, prostate, urinary tract, large intestine (physiological equivalent).

Our starting point will be postural practice, using dynamic and static circular movements to release tension, detoxify and open up the body, center the mind, cleanse the subtle channels and receive a high-frequency life energy, welcoming more joy, openness, trust, flow and playfulness.

Using simple yet powerful cleansing techniques and detoxifying breathwork our aim is to plant the seeds of intention and to allow radiant health to shine through.


I would like to encourage you to think and feel is there anything related to the mentioned topics that need to be cleansed, healed, enhanced?
Intuitively choose one, write it down and we’ll work more in depth on Wednesday.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring your yoga clothes since will be moving as well!


Eclectic approach of ancient knowledge and Energy Medicine adapted to the needs of modern day life combines simple, dynamic cleansing practices with gentle introspection and powerful energy work as a wonderful way to improve psychological and physical well-being and overall quality of life.

Let’s dive together!


From heart to hearth,



Heart core: the Inner Sanctuary

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