“Isola non isola” project

26th of July

6.30 pm

Via S Josemarìa Escrivà De Balaguer, 07041 Alghero SS, Italia

- not specified -

 Yoga at Tramonto to support the “Isola non isola” project


The “Isola non isola” project promotes travel experiences for children with mental disabilities and developmental disorder, with the mission of “experiencing the sea that unites and the land that welcomes all”.

Together with the ASD Nurayama Yoga a sunset yoga class will be proposed together with the project’s youth to promote values of social inclusion, welcoming, exchange, and integration.

The event is free and open to all those interested in participating.
After the yoga class, there will be a small refreshment where each participant is invited to bring a dish or a drink to share with the children.

Join us and show your solidarity!

Return to harmony, health and wholeness 

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