Return to harmony, health and wholeness 

31st of July


Nurayama Yoga Shala, Alghero, Sardegna

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It’s all about balance, folks!


The opposites within create a dynamic tension that can lead to destruction or amazing creativity.

How we reconcile the opposite energies will lead either to a breakdown or a breakthrough.

Our aim is to recognize and honor both energies within us and to integrate them in order to return to wholeness and radiant health.


Holistic Healing group session 
31th of July at 5pm

“Yin and yang are relative terms: they describe the two facets of existence. Like two sides of one coin, yin cannot exist without yang, nor yang without yin. They complement each other.
For the Daoists, harmony and health are created when conditions arise where the contrasting aspects are in balance.”
B. Clark

Topics that will be covered:

  • capacity for Balance
  • rebalancing: back to equanimity;
  • from perfection to wholeness;
  • body, mind and breath;
  • sensitivity, awareness, acceptance;
  • activity, ambition, openness;
  • dynamic tension and contrasting experiences;
  • integration process;
  • harmony beyond duality.


Healing practices are presented in a simple and enjoyable yet in a systematic way, giving the students opportunity to:

  • enroll in a deep conversation with their body;
  • explore, question and rewrite their life script;
  • cultivate calm clarity that allows them to see through the lance of unlimited potential and interdependence – in which everything is autonomous yet deeply connected.

Through nourishing practices aligned with the heart desire and embodied self-awareness, self-care and loving-kindness as a foundation for healthy relationships and joyful life, our aim is to inspire people to discover the majestic power and true potential within.

Using simple yet powerful cleansing techniques and detoxifying breathwork our aim is to plant the seeds of intention and to allow radiant health to shine through.



I would like to encourage you to think and feel is there anything related to the mentioned topics that need to be cleansed, healed, enhanced?
Intuitively choose one, write it down and we’ll work more in-depth on Tuesday.

P.S. Don’t forget to bring your yoga clothes since will be moving as well!


Eclectic approach of ancient knowledge and Energy Medicine adapted to the needs of modern day life combines simple, dynamic cleansing practices with gentle introspection and powerful energy work as a wonderful way to improve psychological and physical well-being and overall quality of life.

Let’s dive together!


From heart to heart,


Elementi Aštanga Joge - desetonedeljni holistički program

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