Clarity of the mind

27th of June 2018.


Nurayama Yoga Shala, Alghero, Sardinia - Italy

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Holistic healing group session

Clarity of the mind (part 1) ~ balancing process

During this healing journey, we will be focusing on cultivating qualities such as stillness in order to invite clarity, to acknowledge our starting emotional point, to recognize our finest emotional needs and functional, constructive and creative ways to fulfill them and to move our awareness into a direction of brother abundance.


‘The quieter you become, the more you can hear.’
Ram Dass

On this group healing session, the emphasis will be on:
clarity – clarity of perception, clarity of thoughts, clarity of mind patterns, clarity of our deepest, finest desires – diving into our inner sanctuary, and
stillness – that naturally and effortlessly arises when we integrate all aspects of our practice and being.

Our starting point will be postural practice, using dynamic and static movements and circular motions to release tension, detoxify and open up the body, center the mind, cleanse the subtle channels and receive a high-frequency life energy.

Topics that will be covered:

  • inner and outer noise;
  • inner and outer spaciousness;
  • confusion and paradox of choices;
  • the element of Space;
  • inner body awareness;
  • the perceiver;
  • cutting the cords of identification and attachment;
  • body-mind-breath connection.

Using simple yet powerful cleansing techniques and detoxifying breathwork our aim is to plant the seeds of intention and to allow radiant health to shine through.


Eclectic approach of ancient knowledge and Energy Medicine adapted to the needs of modern day life that combines simple, dynamic cleansing practices with gentle introspection and powerful energy work as a wonderful way to improve psychological and physical well-being and overall quality of life.

Let’s dive together!

Vibrant health through the stillness of being

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